A Guide For Our Future

Goals & Strategies 2019-2020


Strengthening the governance of McKee Botanical Garden will be a core focus of the organization in the year ahead. Designing and implementing the processes needed to assure effective, visionary leadership and oversight will be critical to the advancement and sustainability of the organization as it moves into its next stage of growth.


Community Relations

McKee Botanical Garden has made a commitment to the Vero Beach community since the original McKee Jungle Gardens opened in 1932. With over 100,000 visitors at its peak, this commitment to our community continues with our current strategy. The Garden has positively positioned itself among the top destinations in our community with exciting annual exhibitions and special events, but continues to look for ways to improve our position in the market by reinventing events annually.


Fundraising will continue to be a top priority for McKee in the year ahead. To be successful, a strategic fundraising plan will be put in place to meet and exceed fundraising goals.

Our Mission

The mission of McKee Botanical Garden is to nurture and enhance a historic garden in a unique tropical setting for the education, enjoyment and enrichment of all.

The mission of the Children's Garden at McKee is to create a fun and whimsical outdoor destination that inspires imagination and curiosity in children through interaction, education and exploration. The garden will nurture a powerful bond between children and nature.

Our Mission

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