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Discovery Backpack Program!

McKee is a great place for families and small groups to come together to learn to read a map or a compass, explore the science of the natural world, or just skip on a garden path. Our backpack program provides the materials and resources for a parent or chaperone to lead a structured learning experience or simply enjoy using some basic observation tools to get up close and personal with nature.
Each backpack investigates a different theme:
  • Survival – Lost in the Jungle
  • Things with Wings!
  • It’s a Bug’s World
  • Plantastic
  • McKee Garden Explorer
Each backpack contains a map of McKee Botanical Garden, a compass, and a magnifying lens. Other observation tools are included, as well, to be used alone or to help complete the activities outlined on the included project fold-out. You may follow the step-by-step activity plans, or you and your group may choose to simply explore the garden using the tools to observe, measure and record your observations. A journal is included for each person in your group and should be used to make a record of your visit to McKee. Some pages of your journals have directed activities, but other pages are left blank for you to capture images of plants, animals, and the thoughts your visit inspires.
For children ages 3-12, McKee's Garden Discovery Backpacks are perfect for charting your own Garden adventure! Each backpack contains an educational guide and a variety of tools for exploration. Choose from five themes: Garden Explorer, Things with Wings, It's a Bug's World, Plantastic and Survival: Lost in the Jungle. Included in admission price; please inquire at our Admissions window.
Edward & Victor Julian enjoying McKee`s Garden Discovery Backpacks
Garden Discovery
Garden Discovery

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