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McKee Botanical Garden, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt charitable organization.  We depend upon contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations to support our mission.  This Garden was saved and restored by hundreds of generous people, is vital to the Garden's current financial health, and future growth. 

2014 Annual Fund:   This important effort augments the day to day operations of the Garden.  There are two invitations sent to the membership during the year inviting participation in the Annual Fund.  Gifts of any size are appreciated and welcomed.  This necessary support helps the Garden meet its mission by supporting educational programming for children and adults, garden maintenance, additional plant labeling and the very important day to day work of the Garden, among many other important efforts. Donors are recognized annually at the Membership Annual Meeting held in February of each year.  The Garden does not receive any federal, state or local funding for annual operations, therefore your gift is vital for our financial well being.   The goal for the Annual Fund in 2014 is $160,000. Because our endowment is not that large (since we are so young!) we all must work very hard to meet this goal.  If you would like to participate, and designate your gift to some particular program or Garden initiative, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Christine Hobart at 794-0601 or hobart@mckeegarden.org.  

Gatekeepers of the Garden: This very special membership group of Garden supporters, The Gatekeepers of the Garden, is of critical importance during these early years of operations.  Please refer to the Membership section of this website to view the terrific benefits of being a part of this prestigious group of Garden supporters.  (There are wonderful benefits!) Each fall, we honor our Gatekeepers of the Garden at an eventful and elegant "Gatekeeper Celebration" in the historic Hall of Giants.  It is a very special evening, and a chance for like-minded Garden supporters to celebrate the Garden and its important mission.  If you would like more information on becoming a Gatekeeper of the Garden, please contact our Executive Director, Christine Hobart at 794-0601 or hobart@mckeegarden.org.  

Underwriting of Special Events and Garden's Wish List:
There are many opportunities for businesses, corporations and individuals to support the Garden's many special events throughout 2014.  This support is vital to the success of the Garden, and welcomed.  Special packages can be designed for your employees and to enhance your marketing efforts.  For more information on underwriting events or educational efforts, please contact Christine Hobart at 794-0601 or hobart@mckeegarden.org.  

Current Wish List

  • New flooring for the gift and book shop
  • Repainting of the gift and book shop
  • Dingo ($18,000)
  • Pop-rivet gun with assorted rivets
  • Felco pruner model #2
  • Root cutting weighted shovels
  • Cordless 1/2 bit Hammer Drill
  • Funds to help replant Duck pond path

Planned Gifts and the McKee Endowment:
Private philanthropy is very important to meeting the ongoing operational needs of McKee, as well as to establish a foundation for the future the McKee Endowment.  This indispensable resource of this organization will make it possible for us to create new and meaningful programs in good times, and serves as a cushion against economic downturns.  We have had several generous people make gifts to the endowment with contributions, both large and small.  The support we receive often comes in the form of outright gifts of cash or securities. Now, in addition to outright gifts, many of our member and friends are considering another method of support the Garden planned gifts.  For more information on how one might make a significant gift to the Garden, while meeting their personal financial responsibilities during their lifetime, and still provide for their loved ones, contact our Executive Director, Christine Hobart hobart@mckeegarden.org or 794-0601 or your attorney to learn more about Planned Giving.

Gifting Stock? Please download a copy of the instructions here.


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